API & CRM Integrations

Enrich Data

Use our API to enrich your company or contact data.

Verify Emails

Search for emails and verify them using the MyLeadsBox API.

Built in Integrations

There are built in CRM integrations that you can use off the shelve.

Company API

Find company data via a domain name or company name

  • Grab 30+ attributes for any company
  • 1 company result = 1 credit

Person API

Grab key data intelligence for contacts including name, email, phone number, LinkedIn profile and more.

  • Email required if full name and domain is not provided
  • Full name and domain required if email is not provided

Prospector API

Get both personal and company information together. Sync contact and business data in your product in a single step.

  • Combined Person & Company enrichment
  • Grab 40+ attributes at once

Use Built-in Integrations

You can integrate MyLeadsBox with your favorite CRM or connect your email account to send emails directly from MyLeadsBox.

  • Send personalized emails directly from LinkedIn
  • Add prospect to your favorite CRM

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