Secrets in Delivering Emails that don’t Bounce

Verify Emails on the Go

Every contact is verified in real time and you pay for verified contacts only.

Send Emails with Confidence

Build multiple lists on the go as you search. Send personalized email campaigns from your inbox.

Email Automation

Integrate MyLeadsBox directly to the most popular Email Services, CRMs and to over 1,500+ apps using Zapier.

Verify Emails in Real-Time

The moment you click unlock/show email, we verify it in real-time to guarantee its accuracy.

  • Real-time verification for every email.
  • You pay only for verified contacts only.
  • Zero your bounce rates with verified emails.

Full Control in Prospecting

Target the right prospect and connect at a personnel level with in-depth information about companies and people.

  • Easy targeting and segmenting the right audience.
  • Search in contact database or prospect from LinkedIn.
  • Create unlimited email campaign sequences.

Continuous Refined Data

Monthly 10% of contact & company information is expected to change. This is why we continuosly update our database.

  • 95% Garuntee on our data.
  • Easy to use search filters.
  • Run your email campaigns with confidence.

Bulk Email Verification & Export

One click adds all contacts and easily exportable CSV files that you can directly upload in to LinkedIn for Account Based Marketing.

  • Unlock all or select what you are interested in.
  • Click on Add All to reveal all contacts in Bulk
  • Export ABM compatible CSV

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