Prospect using 16,000+ technology data points

Tech Search

Segement by technologies that competes or that compliments your product.

Build Lists with Right Fit

Build list on the go or download to a CSV for Account Based Marketing.


Integrate MyLeadsBox directly to HubSpot, SalesForce, Outlook, Gmail Zapier etc.

Target companies that buy what you sell

Target different niches and find new markets by focusing on competing companies or technologies that compliments your product or service.

  • Find people in the selected companies and contact via email or phone.
  • Explore and find new opportunities.

Build a list or integrate to CRM

Building lists in MyLeadsBox is easy as clicking.

  • Build lists or generate CSVs for Account Based Marketing
  • Build List and run Email campaigns

Find the right fit

Reaching out bad prospects is a waste of money, time and frustrating.

  • Less bounce rates and improve conversion rates
  • Save money in marketing

Check tech stack as you browse

Found an interesting company that could be your ideal prospect? Simply click on the extension and find out the company information, techologies and contacts in seconds.

  • In depth understanding and view of potential prospects
  • Fast and Easy to use

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